Saturday, June 26, 2010

Live Life List

Most of us know what a Bucket List is, maybe even saw the Jack Nicholson movie and I think the concept is a great idea. I love the thought of actually writing out what you want out of life before it’s all over – but the whole ominous “before I die” part of it left me a bit gloomy.
Recently, I got an eVite from a friend of mine that is having a clothing swap with this type of list making as the theme. You see, on her list was to get rid of 100 things, and so she thought a clothing swap would be a fun way to do so. Unfortunately, I can’t make it – but with my “wish I could make it” RSVP I pledged to create my a list of my own in spirit of the great idea she was sharing.
So I’ve begun. I’ve chosen however to title my list Live Life as an empowering context to create going after my dreams in the now and not necessarily as someday or before I die sort of thing. I have to say – it’s been so much fun thinking up things big and small to add to my list. I’ll catch myself sometimes making up an excuse for why something can’t or shouldn’t go on my list - “oh but I’ll never have the time for that” or “I’ll never be able to afford to do that” but I’m giving those considerations up and putting my maybe seemingly lofty dreams on the list anyways. If I limit my dreams, how can I ever expect to truly live a life I love.
I’m excited to start crossing things off – taking action – experiencing all kinds of small pleasures and grand adventures. I’m also excited to share my dreams with everyone. At first I thought to myself, I don’t want to show this list to anyone, okay maybe a couple close friends etc, but they might think I’m weird, or lame or whatever. Then I gave that up to. Be stingy with my dreams? Am I crazy!? I want to shout them from the roof tops, have conversations with people about them, learn from others, and experience my dreams with the people in my life. I want to live purely, with all my senses, with all my emotions, and without regret. I want to let go of all my doubts, considerations, and just jump head first into life.
Bring it on.

  1. Speak Spanish
  2. Play guitar
  3. Silkscreen
  4. Road trip across US
  5. Zip line
  6. Popular Blog
  7. Enjoy a Vegan diet
  8. Run a marathon
  9. Participate in a Triathlon
  10. 3 month vacation
  11. Drive a convertible
  12. Skinny dip
  13. Krav Maga self defense
  14. Have Kitten
  15. Have a Puppy
  16. See the grand canyon
  17. Finger paint
  18. Have a store on Etsy
  19. Make a quilt
  20. Have a pen pal
  21. Lake house vacation
  22. Greece vacation – see nothing but blue water and white houses
  23. Take voice lessons
  24. Experience the seasons of the east coast
  25. Have a glamorous photo shoot
  26. Get married – or at least have a big party and wear a beautiful white dress
  27. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  28. No cell phone / computer / TV for a month
Much much more future to be written… stay tuned

Update: Check out my 43 things page for an ongoing list!