Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happiness Is Chic

Personal style should make you happy and happiness is chic.
- Jonathan Adler
I found this from a great link through How About Orange. I love this design tip (above) - Happiness is what I'm all about. Check out Jonathan Adler's other 14 Design Tips HERE

New Forever 21 Brand : Heritage 1981

Introducing Heritage 1981! The newest addition to my local mall is something to talk about. It's an interesting blend: a little American Eagle, dash of Anthropologie, and slightly Hollister / Abercrombie & Fitch - all with Forever 21 prices.

Not as trendy and clubish as it's sister store, Heritage 1981 has a cool relaxed retro vibe. The brand caters to both men and women - featuring quirky graphic tees, flirty sundresses, aviator shades, and denim.

The visuals in this store are awesome: playful, easy, colorful, and artistic. The theme right now seemed to be about voting and having your voice heard - a great message for the younger crowd their marketing to. Tote bags sporting 50's style graphics claim " Dad said voting is Groovy!" and sales associates flash pins pushing the right to vote too.

I must admit - I like this store. It's not all my style but I have a soft spot for simple cotton dresses that just fit right and look adorable. Below are two I bought. I went out on a limb with this printed one. I'm pretty basic and simple but something about it said "Try Me On!" then later persuaded me to take it home with me.

Check out the brand for yourself - Heritage 1981. They have great stuff and finally allow comfy style to be affordable for everyone!

Merchandising at Mignonne

Just a look into some merchandising I did recently at Mignonne...

Beachy and blue hutch refresher:

Detail of center section:

Warm and cozy rooster themed hutch refresher:

Tiers of teacups:

Smaller window display: Design/install by Johnelle - Disoriented & 70's theme

More in store movement next week! Stay tuned!
Discover more of Mignonne: website / blog

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Union Square Window Shopping

I always love myself a nice walk around Union Square in San Francisco to get inspired. I must say that I love the city and to live or work in the city is a dream that will come true some day. It will happen.

Macy's: Urban, young

Louis Vuitton: I love the repetitious white globes with the contrasting luggage / accessories.

Levi's: I'm sensing a trend with the whole globe / planet similarities. Eco-trend? Approaching Olympics? Summer travel? You're guess is as good as mine.

Love the denim-wearing guitar - alternative mannequins are always interesting / eye-catching.

Tiffany & Co. : I can't find the jewelry in here - it's all very sparkly. I miss Gene Moore.

Saks Fifth Ave: I dig simplicity. It makes such a bold statement. I don't really understand the branch. It looks a little holiday for July, in my opinion.

Urban Outfitters: I love how this brand really creates an in store environment. It's easily identifiable and always raw. It seems like a hipster friend's apartment - that has a really big closet. To say the least, I like this window. It's dynamic and interesting without being too overwhelming.

Gap: Oh, I resent how many big windows the Flood Building Gap has. Our store is so small and by no means could accommodate displays of this grandeur. I wish my windows had this kind of exposure. Nonetheless, I wish more attention to detail was taken - can't really blame them though, they have a lot more to attend to than I do.

How cool are their kids windows? Giant gumball machine (jealous!)

Anthropologie: Ah, I can never decipher them - only awe in their majesty.

CB2: No window here - but a much anticipated store opening! CB2 is, in my opinion, Crate and Barrel meets Ikea - I can't wait for the SF store to open!

Oh Union Square - you are so amazing.

Studio Update

Ah, it's nice to finally have some time to configure my studio to my liking. It's been a long slow process but one I've thoroughly enjoyed so far. I'm finally starting to get some art on the walls, make some projects, and clean up the space enough to be presentable!

Below is my latest project, an oversized frame corkboard made from a salvaged Gap frame - repainted, leftover thin cork from my Tiffany display mock up, and foam core for extra thickness to allow for push pins. Right now it's pretty much the focal point of the studio and serves as an inspiration board.

Finally framed! I received this beautiful Alena Hennessy print as a graduation present and have finally found a proper place for it! Check out more from Alena at her Etsy Store.

Another framed piece. I don't know where I found this image but I blew it up and painted the gray highlighted area my signature turquoise for a pop of interest. It's also the wallpaper on my iphone!

My studio! Relatively clean and finally feeling a bit more me. I've still got a lot to do - add more art, make a drumshade for my blarring bare bulb, recover pillows, improve window treatments, and clean up my bombshell of a desk (shown reluctantly only due to it's reflection in my closet mirrors.) I love this space though - it's all mine and I feel so inspired here. It's my favorite place to create - hands down.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Window Woman

A couple weeks ago now I had a crazy few days doing windows - 3 corporate directed from Gap and one of my own design for my internship at Mignonne. To say the least, after that week... well, I probably would have done another window if I had the chance - I live for this sort of thing. Anyways, here they are! (click on them to zoom into every little detail)



It's hard to see with the glare and angle, but each frame showcases merchandise. You get the idea. We went for punchy modern colors with vintage frames for a Mignonne summer look.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Credited Random Inspiration

I took notes this time! As I gathered random images of inspiration from various wonderful publications provided by my favorite FIDM library, I was studious enough to write down the titles to credit them! Now I didn't note extensively which image came from where but they all came from the following July magazine issues, in pretty much this order: Display and Design Ideas, Craft: Transforming Traditional Crafts, Elle Decor, VMSD, Retail Design International, and Readymade Magazine. Enjoy!

I want to learn more about this guy ^

I've always been a flipper when it comes to magazines. I have to be extremely bored to actually start reading the articles - so this is the result: images I found interesting, now immortalized on Designing GG!