Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Union Square Window Shopping

I always love myself a nice walk around Union Square in San Francisco to get inspired. I must say that I love the city and to live or work in the city is a dream that will come true some day. It will happen.

Macy's: Urban, young

Louis Vuitton: I love the repetitious white globes with the contrasting luggage / accessories.

Levi's: I'm sensing a trend with the whole globe / planet similarities. Eco-trend? Approaching Olympics? Summer travel? You're guess is as good as mine.

Love the denim-wearing guitar - alternative mannequins are always interesting / eye-catching.

Tiffany & Co. : I can't find the jewelry in here - it's all very sparkly. I miss Gene Moore.

Saks Fifth Ave: I dig simplicity. It makes such a bold statement. I don't really understand the branch. It looks a little holiday for July, in my opinion.

Urban Outfitters: I love how this brand really creates an in store environment. It's easily identifiable and always raw. It seems like a hipster friend's apartment - that has a really big closet. To say the least, I like this window. It's dynamic and interesting without being too overwhelming.

Gap: Oh, I resent how many big windows the Flood Building Gap has. Our store is so small and by no means could accommodate displays of this grandeur. I wish my windows had this kind of exposure. Nonetheless, I wish more attention to detail was taken - can't really blame them though, they have a lot more to attend to than I do.

How cool are their kids windows? Giant gumball machine (jealous!)

Anthropologie: Ah, I can never decipher them - only awe in their majesty.

CB2: No window here - but a much anticipated store opening! CB2 is, in my opinion, Crate and Barrel meets Ikea - I can't wait for the SF store to open!

Oh Union Square - you are so amazing.

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  1. there is an urban outfitters at the mall across and it has the coolest sign outside. the letters are perpendicular to the building, and the light from the sun casts a shadow of the sun on the wall...i dont know if that paints a picture for you, but i'll take a picture someday.