Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rainbows just don't cut it anymore

My latest addition to my design tools is one of my most favorite because it is so essential and yet it was free!!! Paint swatch cards from my local Ace Hardware are my new jewel. They have a VAST array of colors to reference and will suffice until I can someday get my hands on some actual pantones. They're great for talking over colors with clients and creating color combinations. I've been breaking mine in already. I can't decide if I want to hole punch them all and put them on a ring or find a good box for them - either way I'm super happy with my new find!

I grabbed the Ace Brand Paint swatch cards because they covered most everything I needed in a compact 192 cards (1,344 colors total). Benjamin Moore covers the whoollleee spectrum but in what seemed to be thousands of cards. Being discreet during my swatch collecting was something to think about as well - just in case Ace cared that I was taking one of every card!

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