Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I can’t stop daydreaming about cool stuff to put in my dream SF apartment. This might not be healthy – but oh well.


Recently, I’ve fallen in love with the clear acrylic stuff they have at CB2. This desk – yum. It takes up no visual space! Perfect for my up and coming shoebox that can’t be bothered with bulky frumpy desks. Although – I could go for a retro deco desk or sleek mid-century beauty :-)


It’s kind of hard to see here, but the “C” table on the left  - oh man, I must have one of these. Right now I’m typing on my laptop which is resting on a white piece of particle board, resting on my boyfriend’s legs that are stretched out over my lap – while nice, not ideal for couch blogging. This table would be amazing.

Rugs – art – and fun ways to store and display books keep twirling around in my brain too : the only cure – my very own SF apartment.  

Friday, April 9, 2010

Good things come in small packages

City living in most cases (and mine) means small living. Downsizing is to be expected when I move and to tell you the truth – I’m looking forward to it.

My belongings could use a little purging – alright, a lot but I’m excited to explore creative ways to organize what will be left of my hoard collection, in a new small space. I want to live in an apartment that works and is beautiful. I want to be able to both relax and be inspired in my home. I want my space to function, so I hardly have to ;-)

My current apartment feels in limbo – disjointed, awkward, and vast. It’s so big too – at least for what I need and it’s a pain to clean :-\

In a smaller place – everything will have to have a home because anything out of place is just gonna make my shoebox look like a pig pen. Less space, I’m hoping, equals less to have to clean up, keep clean, or even think about cleaning. I’ll see if that fantasy pans out.

Photos courtesy of apartment therapy – check out their Small, Cool 2010 Contest. Small is sweet!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Here I come

Well the dream’s on it’s way. I’m moving to San Francisco! No, I don’t know when or where just yet – but it will happen. Michael and I are searching high and low – Victorian’s with bathrooms in the common hallway and basements in small mansions – we are on the prowl.

image 1677509581-0

I got my tarot read by a wonderful woman who is both a reverend and a witch and she said that my move to San Francisco will be full of trials and tribulations – but that I will prevail! I pulled a page card so apparently I’m as unskilled at SF apartment hunting as a scrawny blonde boy studying to be a knight. Michael’s not too happy that I cursed the process :-)

extended stay furnished vacation rental apartments

So far we’ve lost one super cool place (minus the bathroom being in the public hallway) due to the owner renting out to his friend right before we were going to put the deposit down. Lame. My dad’s right though, the high ceilings would have made my heating bill a fortune.

DSCN0485 by katiehilldesigns.

We’ve seen views of the top of the Transamerica building and basements with views of bushes, kitchens will cupboards not tall enough for my box of cherrios, no parking, no laundry, and no pets. This is harder than I thought it was going to be, but I can’t really complain – apartment shopping is one of my favorite things to do, especially when it’s going to be for me!

I’m hoping to be close to work – within walking distance would be ideal! Michael wants enough space for an office, sunshine, and I demand character. With our budget and our wants – it’s craigslist slim pickins every couple weeks but I’m excited to find the one that’s “just right.”

image 1674857859-0

image 1674857859-2

Wish us luck! Hopefully soon – I’ll be blogging from San Francisco! Let the adventure continue…