Friday, April 9, 2010

Good things come in small packages

City living in most cases (and mine) means small living. Downsizing is to be expected when I move and to tell you the truth – I’m looking forward to it.

My belongings could use a little purging – alright, a lot but I’m excited to explore creative ways to organize what will be left of my hoard collection, in a new small space. I want to live in an apartment that works and is beautiful. I want to be able to both relax and be inspired in my home. I want my space to function, so I hardly have to ;-)

My current apartment feels in limbo – disjointed, awkward, and vast. It’s so big too – at least for what I need and it’s a pain to clean :-\

In a smaller place – everything will have to have a home because anything out of place is just gonna make my shoebox look like a pig pen. Less space, I’m hoping, equals less to have to clean up, keep clean, or even think about cleaning. I’ll see if that fantasy pans out.

Photos courtesy of apartment therapy – check out their Small, Cool 2010 Contest. Small is sweet!

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