Sunday, April 27, 2008

Window Shopping at Nordstrom

I came in to look for ideas / inspiration for my fashion photo shoot coming up. I left feeling depressed that I couldn't have this amazing zebra print dress.

I want this for my photo shoot - I might just have to buy and return : the sheer is just gorgeous
I could afford these! $10 little girls sunglasses that looked really cute but were way too small on my head :-(

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shopping for Inspiration

Yesterday I went window and display inspiration shopping in Union Square. Well, mostly I just went to Gumps because I'm hoping to nab an internship doing windows for a home store and wanted to get some ideas for high-end, glitzy, and creative Gumps.

That's a rug hanging for a backdrop - grabs a bit more attention vertically that just get walked all over everyday

Those are ceramic coy fish swimming in river rocks

Wood painted white - nice effect, for sure, but I really hope there was more involved than just painting the wood for a price tag like $1,000 a twig

Macy's Swimwear windows - sorry about the glare

Macy's Perfume windows - Women's : plexi boxes with appliqued tissue paper - cool idea

Macy's Perfume windows - Men's : plexi boxes filled with crumpled brown paper - love the juxtaposition of textures

Another display window with an interesting branch prop and circular decals adds depth

There's nothing like a walk in the city to get inspired

Friday, April 18, 2008

The One and Only... Simon Doonan

Yep, today I met the most famous window dresser - Creative Director at Barney's New York, Mr. Simon Doonan He was at Barney's SF doing a booksigning for his latest book, Eccentric Glamour - where he describes Ms. Piggy as the most glamourous of all and tells of the day he dressed as Queen Elizabeth. When I spelled my name out for him to sign my book, he told me that he once worked with a woman named Mallory and she's now the Creative Director at Bergdorf Goodman. We must just be destined for good things ;-)
His coat read: Good Taste Doesn't Exsist
Oh Barney's, while not my favorite of ridiculously overpriced designer luxury stores (Neiman's is my fav), you are quite fun and interesting. Love the mannequin's hat/purse. Thanks for the opportunity to meet a window dressing legend.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

It was fun while it lasted...

Alright, I have to come to terms with reality - school is starting up again on Monday and the far off April 14th is now drawing near. I've had an amazing break between quarters - setting up my studio, attempting to enhance my blog, beefing up my flickr account, getting lost in newly discovered amazing blogs, transitioning my style, and relaxing. School is coming - I'm both excited and scared, but it's my last quarter and then it's all over. Phew!

My first of probably many mosaic's, thanks to Jana for the headsup, featuring crafty / thrifty things I did over break and shots of my style transformation.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trompe L'oeil

This is a photo of a hotel I stayed at in Santa Cruz last month. They were doing some renovating and bumping up of their curb appeal. The decorative exterior molding really added a nice touch. Upon closer inspection of the scraps pile in the parking lot, I discovered the molding was composed mostly of foam! Ha, good ol' dimensional foam - covered with wire mesh and coated with some sort of cement mixture to seal it. The worker there also informed me that not only is the foam treatment more cost effective, it also reduces the amount of stress put on the building due to it's lighter weight qualities.

Catching Up Part 2

Please excuse my amateur photography of magazines and books - I haven't found a suitable power cord for my scanner yet. More interesting, inspiring, and idea swirling visuals below...

A whole new kind of topographical map - really 3D
Yea, that's what I do in my spare time too, lay on the floor surrounded by scattered diamonds

Rubix cube mosiac mural - I can't even fathom how good that guy must be with that little cube

Yes, that is a chair constructed of plushy stuffed animals - amazing isn't it?

Catching Up Part 1

In an attempt to catch up on posting all the images of inspiration I've been collecting over the months, this is part one of many.