Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Forever 21 Brand : Heritage 1981

Introducing Heritage 1981! The newest addition to my local mall is something to talk about. It's an interesting blend: a little American Eagle, dash of Anthropologie, and slightly Hollister / Abercrombie & Fitch - all with Forever 21 prices.

Not as trendy and clubish as it's sister store, Heritage 1981 has a cool relaxed retro vibe. The brand caters to both men and women - featuring quirky graphic tees, flirty sundresses, aviator shades, and denim.

The visuals in this store are awesome: playful, easy, colorful, and artistic. The theme right now seemed to be about voting and having your voice heard - a great message for the younger crowd their marketing to. Tote bags sporting 50's style graphics claim " Dad said voting is Groovy!" and sales associates flash pins pushing the right to vote too.

I must admit - I like this store. It's not all my style but I have a soft spot for simple cotton dresses that just fit right and look adorable. Below are two I bought. I went out on a limb with this printed one. I'm pretty basic and simple but something about it said "Try Me On!" then later persuaded me to take it home with me.

Check out the brand for yourself - Heritage 1981. They have great stuff and finally allow comfy style to be affordable for everyone!

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