Saturday, February 16, 2008

Industrial Urban Loft Chair

So, remember that post with all those chairs? That research was for this school project - Metamorphasis of a Chair - Check it out!

This was my original chair - purchased at Urban Ore for $10

This is a rendering of my concept: an Industrial Urban Loft chair. Like a loft, the chair needed to be functional and be made of a mixture of exposed materials. A gutter would serve as a shelf, a newprint plexi cup holder and exposed brick remote control slot covered the functional part of it. As for the comfort, a slide out foot rest would make this Urban Loft chair feel like home.
The beginning stages of demolision
The puzzle of pieceing together a couple hundred not so square squares for the siding
Reupholstering with gray micro suede
The first fittings
One finished side - much thanks to my amazing boyfriend Ryan for his knowledge of carpentry and his moral support

Newspaper decoupage and ugliness of unfinished upholstery job

Thank goodness for hot glue! These are the spacers that give the arms their width - one huge design challenge

Screwing the siding on to the spacers

Attaching the gutter shelf


The newsprint/plexi and brick switched places but all the functioning elements were achieved - even the slide out foot rest

P.S. Sorry I hadn't posted in a while - I'd been busy with this chair :-)

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